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Typical tours

  • Depart from: Your hotel or our office End at: Your hotel or our office.
  • Start time: 08:30AM  - Finish time: 03:00 – 4:00 PM
  • Duration: 01 day-  Departure Date: Daily
  • Activities: Photography, Sightseeing
  • Place to visit: Datanla waterfall, Pongour waterfall, Elephant waterfall.
  • Transportation: car or van depend on your group size, motorcycle (if desire)
  • What to Bring: hat, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, camera, tripod, lens & camera accessories…
  • Inclusion: Private car, English speaking guide, entrance fees, bottled water
  • No Inclusion: Lunch (10$/pax extra if desire), personal major medical including evacuation insurance coverage is recommended

In the morning, you can enjoy fresh air of Datanla waterfall is nestled under canopies of the primeval jungle with soft, white waters flowing over rock shelve and drop into death valley creating a beautiful natural picture. As possible, let’s experience the exciting adventure feeling on roller coaster from the hilltop down to waterfall.

dalatwaterfallstours1.jpg (710×473)

  • Datanla waterfalls

 The most important place of the day is Pongour waterfall considered as the most beautiful and majestic waterfall in the Central Highland with about 40 m in height and over 100 m in width. Surrounded by unspoiled forest, the waterfall slips into numerous sandstone stepping from top to bottom. Its massive water powerfully falling down seven floors produces sonorous sounds that can be heard from miles around. Here you can create great-looking photos of the soft wispy effect by shooting flowing water at very slow shutter speeds.

Have lunch at local restaurant on the way.

dalatwaterfallstours2.jpg (720×478)

  • Pongour waterfall

In the afternoon, you can admire the transparent water flowing through granite mountain sides looks really spectacular making an area be obscured by the very white spray at Elephant waterfall. Next to the waterfall is Wind Cave having narrow entrance between two cliffs, but inside the cave there are many wide spaces and full of wind. Elephant Waterfall looks like a lively picture which has been carved by nature with the particularly interesting caves hide after craggy cliffs and many rocks now appear, now disappear look like as many elephants are jostling to bath.

dalatwaterfallstours3.jpg (298×169)

  • Elephant waterfall

Price: Please contact 0978 451 116

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