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Typical tours

(15km : 9 miles, 5h trek)

Depart/ end at :           your hotels or our office

Duration         :           6 - 7  hours

Transportation:          car , van or motorbike (optional)

Including        :           transportation, English speaking guide, entrance fees, picnic lunch


Pickup from hotels; Transfer to Tiger’s cave waterfall.

  • Start our challenging hike through hilly pine trees by crossing the trails that are made by local people here. The Tiger waterfall appears in your sight with the imposing beauty. You can take a rest on the rocks under shadows of big trees near the fall. The winding road is leading you down to a high slope with wild plants near by your side.
  • Out of brushes, you will visit the Phoenix waterfall flowing slowly through old big trees. This river is the main source that supplies water for coffee and veggie farms in this area.
  • After crossing the hill, you will visit Lieng Tro – a Chill minority village for a first hand-look at their daily activities. There is no way to approach the village except going on foot. Having a picnic lunch on the top of the hill, you can spy the fantastic view of rushing river under the beautiful valley and enjoy fresh air.
  • After lunch, you will follow trails down the hill and enjoy the adventurous feeling when you cross the hanging bridges. A hilly path will take you back to the trailhead. It is like a trip back in time, sure to make your heart throb with emotion.
  • On the way back to the town, you visit the French built  Railway Station, the oldest one of Indochina

Price: Please contact 0978 45 1116

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